Pilates and Core

Pilates is a low-impact workouts that focus on using bodyweight resistance.

The benefits are vast. Both workouts can increase overall health, leading to a better quality of life.  As with any exercise, proper form is crucial. 


Aligned Pilates has a few beginner-friendly Pilates options that will allow you to get started before you take a on more advanced programs.

These levels allow a natural progression, ensuring that a student is ready to advance to our more advanced Reformer classes.

Pilates Classes

Intro to Pilates

New to Pilates? Join us for this FREE 30 minute class! You’ll get an intro workout on the Reformer, and discover why everyone LOVES Pilates! Please attend the intro class prior to signing up for your first Reformer Essentials class.

Core Burn 45

Get in, get the burn, and get on with your day with our 45 minute lunch hour class! Core Burn 45 is an efficient, abs focused class that will give you a great Pilates workout in under an hour. Join us for this mid-day break that will leave you energized for your weekday afternoon activities! This class is mixed-level, and beginner friendly.

Donation Based Community Class

Open to all! No previous Pilates experience is required to attend. This class will be primarily mat based, with the addition of small equipment/props depending on the focus or theme of the workout. Cash donations are accepted, and benefit non-profit organizations that support the Lawrence community. Please bring a mat if you have one of your own.

Benefits of pilates

Trust our team with your wellness

Our Pilates instructors give you individualized attention and inspiration that will help you feel your best. We offer the best team for Pilates in Lawrence KS and are proud of the years of education, skill, and practice that is represented within Aligned Pilates.

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