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Pilates is a proactive approach to your health and wellness.


Pilates builds your mind/body connection and can help with mental clarity.


Strengthen your whole body with a low-impact, core-focused workout.


Work out in an environment that supports and empowers you to meet your goals.

Experience premium Pilates in Lawrence KS designed exclusively for the fitness of both your body and mind. We offer small group Pilates reformer and apparatus classes in our fully equipped studio, along with private training options.

Find the community that moves you.

We believe in the power to change lives through movement and good health. Our goal is to make Pilates accessible to all ages and physical abilities. Whatever your goals, we can create the best program for your individual needs to help you 
live Aligned.

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Sara Armbrister
Every Saturday

11:45 AM

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Sara Armbrister

Teacher Trainer

Aligned Studio Owner Sara Armbrister was originally introduced to the Pilates method to help her body keep up with the physical demands of a pre-professional musician and dancer.


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